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Tigase-XMPP Server 8.4.0 re...

Next minor, General Availability version of Tigase XMPP Server 8.4.0 has been released

Fast Docker multi-platform ...

Nowadays CPUs based on ARM architecture are gaining more and more popularity. Be that in the form of computing units of popular

Server, Apps, Libraries

Fully compliant with XMPP/Jabber

Instant Presence


Presence server keeps track who is online, offline, busy or available. It can also keep track of user’s mood, location and activities.

Always Online

Always Online

Server allows for people or devices to be always connected and always online. This results in truly real-time communication between all parties.


Tigase is so much more than sending messages, and simple chatting. It allows for rich media messages, sending documents, photos, videos and any files to a user, a group of users or to a subscription channel.


In today’s world everybody and everything is always online, until it is not. In these rare cases Tigase offers alternative message delivery methods through Push, Text Messages or Email.


Tigase is not for just connecting people. Anything can stay connected and transmit data 24/7.

Open Source and Open Standards







Tigase XMPP Server

Tigase XMPP Server

Tigase XMPP Server is our flagship server software for building Instant Communication systems.

This is not just a chat server. It allows to maintain connections of millions of people or devices and transmit in real-time any kind of data. It is currently running on over 4,000 servers worldwide, connects tens of millions people and hundreds of millions devices and transmits millions of messages per second.



Open Source and based on open standards, recognized security protocols and practices such as XMPP, TLS, SASL. Hardened secure mode. Well tested with thousands of automated tests cases. Peer reviewed and tested by independent teams.



Implemented with modern tools and development practices. Tested under large loads over extended period of time. Known to work without restart for over 3 years, handling millions of concurrent connections and processing millions of messages per second on production systems.



Modular and pluggable design allows for easy customization. Rich and customizable REST API, allows for deep integrations with third-party systems. Scripting support allows for at-runtime customization.



We are crazy about optimization. The main binary file size is less than 3MB. The Tigase XMPP Server can be run on embedded systems with as little as 50MB of RAM. Can handle huge number of users at a very low per-user cost.

Apps for all popular platforms

Apps for all popular platforms

Native applications are always better than web based.

All applications, we offer, are the working proof that XMPP can be used efficiently on both desktop and mobile systems. Feature rich, user-friendly and open source are the best choice for efficient and secure communication.

Siskin IM for iOS

Siskin IM

The best native XMPP Client for iOS devices. Advanced security, spam protection, push notifications, voice and video calls, supports multiple XMPP accounts and is compatible with any XMPP server.

Stork IM for Android

Stork IM

Native Android app. Offers real Android experience, is fast, reliable and offers all the features like chat, group chat, push notifications, voice and video calls. Supports multiple XMPP accounts and is compatible with any XMPP server.

Beagle IM for MacOS

Beagle IM

Literally the best client application for MacOS. True MacOS native. Simple and powerful. Great user experience with all the typical features plus voice and video calls. Supports multiple XMPP accounts and is compatible with any XMPP server.

Parrot IM

Parrot IM

Our new development a native multiplatform app. The same code, the same user experience working on all desktops and mobile devices. We are still in early stage, so stay tuned for more details…

Tigase XMPP Libraries

Tigase XMPP Libraries

Anybody can build own apps

Tigase offers libraries to build chat apps and tools for any platform. We use our libraries ourselves to develop our own communication software. Our open source libraries allow to easily build native apps and tools for any platform and environment.

JaXMPP for Java


Java Library

Powerful Java library which we have been developing for many years. Works everywhere where Java works.

Martin for Swift


Swift Library

Most advanced and mature XMPP library for Swift language. Our apps for iOS and MacOS are all based on the library

Halcyon for Kotlin


Kotlin Library

The first and the best XMPP library for Kotlin language to build Kotlin instant communication apps.

Why choose Tigase?

Why choose Tigase?

Secure, reliable, and optimal solution for instant communication systems.

We gather experience on network communication since 1990, develop Tigase since 2004. Tigase runs on thousands of servers worldwide, small and as large as 40 mln of users, handling millions of messages per second. It is all open source, peer reviewed and very well tested software.
Plus, it has lots of unique features:

Mobile Optimization


XMPP like many other technologies were designed in pre-mobile era. By design, they are intended for desktop use. However, Tigase offers many extensions and customizations dedicated to mobile use in Tigase’s server software, libraries and end-user apps.

Message Forwarding


XMPP is usually the best option for effective real-time communication. This is for as long as users are connected to the server. However, if they are not, Tigase offers different message forwarding options over Push, Text Messages and Email.

Fast Delivery


Tigase software is highly optimized. It does not waste CPU cycles, RAM bytes or network bandwidth. Specifically for mobile and web connections it can sinificantly reduce resources usage. As a result Tigase can deliver messages within unde 1 ms on typical production system.

Abuse Protection


Internet, nowadays is not a safe place anymore. Network systems are being attacked and abused in many ways. Tigase software offers various automated abuse protection techniques. As a result it allows to run reliable and secure communication systems.


Much, much more…

Trusted by over 300 companies worldwide




How to start?

A few simple steps:
1. Get the app and connect to our public XMPP server
2. Create new XMPP account
3. Select one of trusted domains on our server
4. Register your username

Siskin IM for iOS

Siskin IM

Get the best native iOS app.

Stork IM for Android

Stork IM

Get the best, native Android App.

Beagle IM for MacOS

Beagle IM

Get the best, native MacOS app.

How to deploy your own Tigase server?

3 simple steps:

Download Tigase Server

1. Get it

Download & Extract

tar -xzf tigase-server-dist.tar.gz

Boostrap Tigase Server

2. Bootstrap

Run script

scripts/tigase.sh start etc/tigase.conf

Configure Tigase Server

3. Configure

Follow the web wizard


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