New versions of XMPP clients for Apple’s mobile and desktop platforms have been released.

Common changes

  • Improve DNS SRV resolver reliability
  • Added support for preauthenticated subscriptions and registration
  • Improve bookmarks support (Workaround for buggy PEP implementation in some servers)
  • Added conditional support for sending files for which HTTP File Upload server returned code 200

BeagleIM 3.6

The stable release of BeagleIM 3.6 contains the following changes

  • Fixed an issue with VCard editing
  • Fixed count of unread messages after restart of the app
  • Prepend groupchat items in chats list with sender nickname of last message
  • Minor changes to displaying subject of MUC room
  • Fixed crash on emoji in input field in MUC rooms
  • Fixed a crash while searching the messages

SiskinIM 5.6

The stable release of SiskinIM 5.6 contains the following changes:

  • Add QR code for accounts
  • Fixed an issue with files not being encrypted when only global encryption is enabled
  • Improved support for handling XMPP URI and account handling
  • Enable file transfer button and ask user for consent if he was not asked yet
  • Fixed crash related to keyboard animation
  • Fixed crash when rows are disappearing from the screen
  • Fixed crashes on iOS 11
  • Fixed a crash within roster view


You can download both application from their respective app-stores: Beagle IM from macOS appstore and Siskin IM from iOS appstore and star them on GitHub: Siskin IM on GitHub and Beagle IM on GitHub