New versions of XMPP clients for Apple’s mobile and desktop platforms have been released. The biggest change is introduction of XMPP MIX - the modern way of chatting in groups (if you are looking for a server where you can use this new feature be sure to check our installation). It also significantly improves on audio/video calls.

Common changes

New XEPs:

Major changes

  • Redesigned channel joining UI
  • Optimized resource usage during the establishment of VoIP calls and improved quality of VoIP calls
  • Improved Markdown support
  • Improved message synchronization speed, reliability and add support for MAM version 2 (XEP-0313: Message Archive Management)
  • Started using MAM for MUC history synchronization on rejoin (if possible)
  • Improved support for CAPS (feature discovery)
  • New chats list view with a single section for 1-1 chats and group chats
  • Added a way to join hidden MUC rooms


  • Fixed issue with avatars in group chats not being properly displayed.
  • Added workaround for possible issue with message archive synchronization if server does not send <complete/> attribute
  • Fixed issue with channel info refresh

BeagleIM 4.0

UI adjustments:

  • MIX / group chat creation streamlined


  • Better VoIP connectivity


  • Message Correction, Retraction and quick replies


Major changes

  • Adjusted font size in chat history (message text is slightly bigger)
  • Improved support for XMPP URI
  • Improved behaviour of service discovery window (indentation of items, scrolling)
  • Improved handling of responses for <iq/> requests which should fix some OMEMO key publication issues.
  • Improved message text selection
  • Remembers size of chats/roster windows
  • Improved auto-completion of nicknames.
  • Stopped downloading link previews if message with that link was received from someone outside of roster.


  • Fixed issue with respecting global settings for Allow subscription and Request subscription
  • Fixed Typo in Authorization menu
  • Fixed issue with not showing notifications for incoming groupchat messages containing keywords
  • Improved scrolling behavior (scrolling to found or first unread message, scrolling on the opening of a chat and concurrency issue)
  • Fixed an issue with a chat message not being resized properly when window size was changed.
  • Fixed issue with text color in chat history
  • Fixed issue with invisible selection in the search dialog
  • Added possible workaround for crashes when preview is for a movie
  • Fixed crash when the server is not sending Content-Length for uploaded files.


  • Fixed issues with compilation on XCode 12
  • Improved layout in chat logs (internal change)

SiskinIM 6.0

  • Improved detection of server features and prompting to enable them in SiskinIM
  • Added request for background fetch on push notification and fixed crashes when push notification is tapped just after it is displayed (#siskinim-205, #siskinim-206)
  • Fixed issue with using wrong speaker during the VoIP call (#siskinim-211)
  • Added warning when access to microphone or camera is not granted during initialization of a video call (#siskinim-213)
  • Improved account removal mechanism (#siskinim-199)
  • Improved look of the QR codes (#siskinim-195)
  • Fixed an issue with not dismissing room creation view after room is created (#siskinim-230)
  • Fixed an issue with encrypting files with AESGCM send to MUC rooms when default encryption is set to OMEMO (#siskinim-237)

    siskin-chat-list siskin-chat


You can download both application from their respective app-stores: Beagle IM from macOS appstore and Siskin IM from iOS appstore and star them on GitHub: Siskin IM on GitHub and Beagle IM on GitHub

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