Tigase Messenger for Android v3.0 has been released! Please review the change notes below to see what has changed since our last public release.

There are lots of new features available in this version. Please consult the documentation for more information on new features.

Minor changes to software behavior

  • #4320: Grammatical fix.
  • #4321: Ability to set custom priorities added.
  • #5524: Push notification functionality added.
  • #5570: List of accounts now displays account status.
  • #5744: Account removal from device enabled.
  • #5745: Better separation of account and settings menus.
  • #5746: Ability to force reconnection added in account settings.
  • #5747: Notifications now specify why an account may have been disconnected outside user activity.
  • #5804: Message Archive compatibility now added.
  • #5951: Support for XEP-0363: HTTP File upload supported. Users can now share files to compatible servers by uploading data and sending a hyperlink.
  • #6240: Join chatroom view now contains server and room verification.
  • #6340: Added ability to set Vcard data.
  • #6347: Chat logs are now loaded dynamically from message archive (if supported).
  • #6358: Text, images, and other media can now be shared to application using Android’s share functionality.
  • #6387: Contacts and chat are now search-able.


  • #5568: Fixed account registration.
  • #5596: Accounts now show properly on list of accounts after additional ones added.
  • #5569: Chats now deleted from archive & application correctly.
  • #5739: Password length requirement removed from login screen, allowing for short passwords.
  • #6205: ActionMenu replaces ContextMenu system.
  • #6211: Server certificate errors now show as extra notification, and ability to accept has been added.
  • #6231: Chatrooms are now automatically setup if they are opened by user on device.

Please visit the Android Play Store to obtain the new version!