Recently the XMPP community had has a number of meetups across Europe. Working to improve and expand the scope and visibility of the platform, these meets have been held independently and during other conferences. Currently, there is one tentatively scheduled for December during the Paris Open Source Summit 2017.

Tigase has participated in many of these meetups and presented out case for using XMPP as the communication protocol of choice for Internet of Things devices, and how we are making that possible. One, held in May of 2017 in Krakow, was hosted by both Tigase and Erlang Solutions where our very own Andrzej Wójcik delivered a presentation on our solution.

“[The audience] listened to my presentation and later on asked a few questions about it, so I suppose that it was interesting for the listeners.”

A proof of concept has already been previously demonstrated at FOSDEM 2016 with a small robot car receiving XMPP stanzas and excuting them based on message contents.

The discussion finished off with a video demonstration of an early version of Tigase XMPP server running on a Raspberry Pi. IoT devices were then connected to the Pi and controlled using XMPP Messaging. Although we don’t have audio or video available the presentation slides are available here. You can view the video demonstration at our YouTube channel.

There’s also an available recap of the May meeting here.

We will have more demonstrations and explanations of our IoT via XMPP available soon, stay tuned!