New versions of XMPP clients for Apple’s mobile and desktop platforms have been released.

BeagleIM 3.3

The stable release of BeagleIM 3.3 contains following changes

  • Improve OMEMO support and fix issues related to storing keys and identities #beagleim-120
  • Better handling selection and copying to clipboard
  • A lot of UI and visual improvements (scrollbars, chat layout, message indicators)
  • Better handling of messages send when not connected
  • Draft messages
  • Ability do define keywords to be highlighted, better highlighting of mentions
  • Updated DNS resolution
  • Drag & drop indicator visibility improvements
  • Support for changing password on the server
  • Option to mute notifications for 1-to-1 and groupchats


  • Improved unread message indication


  • Added selecting auto-complete name in MUC with [TAB] #beagleim-134
  • Improve avatars in MUC rooms


  • Allowed entering multiline messages #beagleim-148
  • Lot’s of fixes

SiskinIM 5.3

This version adds support for sending files, contains adjustments for iOS13, improvements to OMEMO, the speedup in reconnection to the XMPP servers, support for queuing message to be sent and other minor improvements.

You can download both application from their respective app-stores: Beagle IM from macOS appstore and Siskin IM from iOS appstore and star them on GitHub: Siskin IM on GitHub and Beagle IM on GitHub