New versions of XMPP clients for Apple’s mobile and desktop platforms have been released.

BeagleIM 3.4

The stable release of BeagleIM 3.4 contains following changes

  • Added support for setting MUC room avatar


  • Simplified MUC room settings window


  • Fixed an issue with establishing VoIP connections
  • Fixed an issue with possible wrong order of messages received at the same time from the same entity
  • Fixed issue with single quote to apostrophe automatic replacement in XML console
  • Added timeout for presenting “composing” animation
  • Fixed an issue with “Mute notifications” option not being visible

SiskinIM 5.4

This version adds support for setting MUC room avatar.

You can download both application from their respective app-stores: Beagle IM from macOS appstore and Siskin IM from iOS appstore and star them on GitHub: Siskin IM on GitHub and Beagle IM on GitHub